2023/02/02 New Release: Salesmachine Desktop App for MacOS and Windows (Beta)

We're super excited to launch the beta of the Salesmachine Desktop app for Mac and Windows. A native experience.
We're excited to announce the beta release of the Salesmachine Desktop App for Mac and Windows! With this app, you'll soon be able to demo Salesmachine even when there's no internet connection, making it the perfect tool for onsite presentations. This beta version has been tested and optimized for both Mac and Windows, so you can be confident in its performance.
As with any beta software, there may be bugs or issues that need to be resolved. We welcome your feedback to help us improve the app and make it the best it can be. Download the Salesmachine Desktop App now and start demoing with confidence!
Check out Salesmachine Desktop today: https://www.usesalesmachine.com/desktop