2023/02/14 New Release: Editor now optimized for Retina Displays

Crisp and Clear: Salesmachine Product Demo Editor Now Optimized for Retina Displays!
We're excited to announce that Salesmachine Product Demo Editor has been updated to better support Retina Displays! With this release, all icons, images, and graphics within the demo editor have been optimized for high-resolution displays, making the overall demo editing experience even more seamless and visually appealing.
Whether you're creating new demos or editing existing ones, you'll notice a significant improvement in the clarity and detail of all the visual elements in the editor. This update also includes several performance improvements and bug fixes, ensuring that the editor runs smoothly and reliably on all supported devices.
Salesmachine Optimized for Retina Displays
As always, we're committed to providing the best possible demo editing experience for our users, and we're confident that this latest update will help us achieve that goal. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing the great demos you'll create with the updated editor!